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Bronx News
May 31, 2001

Irish Tenor to Sing at Lehman

By Howard Goldin

Many Bronx aficionados of traditional Irish music are eagerly awaiting the concert of Irish tenor John McDermott at the Lehman Center of Performing Arts on Saturday evening, June 2. The Scottish born vocalist has been performing professionally for less than a decade but has already won a large and enthusiastic following.

McDermott began singing professionally at the age of 38. He and his parents and siblings immigrated to Canada in 1965. Prior to entering show business, he was the employee of the Toronto Sun. He last position at the newspaper was as circulation manager. Shortly after starting his singing career he signed a recording contract with EMI-Canada and has recorded several large recording albums. His greatest public attention came two years ago with his participation in the Irish Tenors television special on PBS. The television show with Anthony Kearns and Ronan Tynan was so popular that the trio toured extensively throughout the United States and recorded a best selling CD. Now performing alone, McDermott has retained his popularity. His most recent national television was at the National Memorial Day Concert. The concert was televised live from Washington, D.C. by PBS on Sunday evening, May 27 at 8-9:30 p.m.

Those familiar with McDermott were not surprised by his appearance at a Memorial Day event. McDermott has taken the plight of Veterans to his heart and is heavily involved in efforts to improve the conditions of their lives. He has done numerous benefits for homeless veterans and has established the Hope McDermott Fund, named for his recently deceased mother, to fund his charitable endeavors on behalf of homeless veterans. The fund supports McDermott House, a housing facility in Washington, D.C. for homeless veterans and the Hope McDermott Center in Boston.

The 8 p.m. concert on June 2 is one of the final opportunities for local residents to enjoy a live big-name performance in the Bronx this season. The following afternoon (June 3.) The Lehman Performing Arts Center will offer Catskills On Broadway featuring Freddie Roman, Mal Z. Lawrence and Dick Capri. On the evening of July 3 a special concert starring two legends of rock and roll, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, will be presented. Tickets for McDermottís show are on sale for $30 and $25 at the Lehman Concert Hall Box Office (960-8833) and at Ticketmaster locations (212) 307-7171.