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The Tribune - September 15, 1999

 Love is a Voyage

EMI Music

John McDermott

"Love Is A Voyage"

EMI Music

John McDermott can sing. The 44 year old is one of Canada's best-selling performers and from the moment he steps onto the stage, his audience is captured in his songs.

The traditional Irish and Scottish ballads that McDermott is known for aren't hip or cool, but that is of no concern to his audience. They are there to listen to the songs of their childhood, delivered in McDermott's warm and rich tenor vocals. McDermott, in fact is something of a phenomenon. Although he only began singing professionally in 1993, he has sold 1.3 million recordings in Canada and the United States. McDermott is on the road almost 10 months a year touring Canada, the U.S. and Europe. In March of this year, he released "The Irish Tenors" a TV special and CD recorded live in Dublin, with Anthony Kearns and Ronan Tynan. That was so successful the trio will kick-off a 12-city North American tour this summer. In May, McDermott released "Remembrance" in the U.S., a collection of war songs honouring veterans.

In mid July, McDermott release his 1995 album "Love is a Voyage" which include five new tracks, most notably "Daughter Of Mine" an original song written by Newfoundland grandmother Madeline Thomson.

The album contains 16 tracks of favorites from his concerts, such as "Guardian Angel" and "One Small Star." You'll find traditional tunes like "When You And I Were Young, Maggie" and even songs written by John Prine "Hello In There" and the popular "Sonny's Dream" written by Newfoundland's Ron Hynes.

McDermott also does duets with Alison Girvan on "Steal Away" and with Maria Antonaka on "Sweet Sister Mary" a song written by Dave Patterson and Bill Carpenter.  "Love Is a Voyage", 65 minutes down memory lane with John McDermott.

Until next week, keep whistling.