News Articles

SUDBURY STAR, October 18, 2014
“A Career of Happy Coincidences”

INSIDE HALTON, May 31, 2012
“Tenor John McDermott performs at Oakville memorial service”

CAPE COD TIMES June 18, 2007 
“McDermott sings soulful, powerful sets”

“From hobby to career for singer”

“Tenor sings on a whim and for cause”

TORONTO STAR, December 2006 
“It’s not really Christmas until McDermott sings”

TORONTO SUN, December 2006 
“John McDermott and Paul Gross paid a visit to seniors at Sunnybrook hospital.”

WATERLOO RECORD, December 2006 
“McDermott will warm up the season”

WINDSOR STAR, November 2006 
“McDermott’s audience expands at Christmas”

CAPE COD TIMES, July 2006 
“McDermott mixes in Celtic, patriotic tunes”

GOOD TIMES, December 2005 
“John McDermott’s Celtic Charisma”

IRISH AMERICAN NEWS, September 2005 “The Tenor, John McDermott – A Natural Giving Man”

3/8/04 – Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)
“Tenor’s pipes are calling for charity”

03/27/03 – Richmond Times-Dispatch “McDermott’s `RETURN TO SCOTLAND'”

03/17/03 – Seattle Times
“Danny Boy: An emotional day for Ireland’s favorite son”

3/2002 – Billboard
“McDermott Creates ‘A Time To Remember’ on Angel Records”

2/11/02 – The Union-News
“Irish Tenor Gets Parade Award”

11/01/01 – The Senior Citizen News (Pennsylvania)
“One Man’s Voice Touches The Lost Souls of War: Homeless Vets”

11/01/01 – Worcester Telegram & Gazette
“Collection of Hymns Next on Agenda”

11/01/01 – Concord Monitor
“Remembering Their Sacrifice”

10/31/01 – Troy Record
“Tenor’s Concert in Rhythm With Times”

10/27/01 – The Boston Herald
“Medal of Honor Society Recognizes Three”

10/25/01 – Jamaica Plain/ Roxbury Citizen
“Congressional Medal of Honor Convention Committee Announces Boston Schedule”

10/27/01 – Linear Reflections
“John McDermott at the Royal Theatre”

10/18/01 – The Erie Times
“Three’s The Charm for Erie’s Favorite Irish Tenor, John McDermott, Back again and Looking Back”

10/16/01 – The Record
“We turn to John McDermott’s Songs When Winds of Fear Howl at Our Door”

10/02/01 – Regina Leader Post
“Singer Made the Songs”

10/01 – The StarPhoenix
“McDermott Offers Inspiration in Midst of Sentimental Songs”

9/27/01 – The StarPhoenix
“War Songs Hit Home for McDermott”

9/27/01 – Times Colonist
“McDermott’s Rendition Perfect For Circumstances”

9/25/01 – Edmonton Sun
“Tenor Terrific”

9/24/01 – Edmonton Journal
“John McDermott Combines Talent, Business Shrewdness”

9/18/01 – Times Colonist (Victoria)
“The Grassroots Tenor: Life is Good for John McDermott”

9/18 – The Boston Herald
“U.S. Medal of Honor Recipients Still Coming to the Hub”

9/12/01 – The Boston Herald
“Medal of Honor Event Postponed”

9/2/01 – The Peterborough Examiner
“10,000 Hear John McDermott Close Out The Season” 

8/24/01 – Cape Cod Times
“Irish Tenors Shares Melody Tent Stage”

8/8/01 – The Reporter, Gananoque, Ont.
“McDermott Returns to Festival”

8/2001 – Reader’s Digest (Canada)
“A Birthday Gift to Remember”

6/7/01 – Bronx News
“John McDermott Sings at Lehman College”

5/31/01 – Bronx News 
“Irish Tenor To Sing at Lehman”

5/24/01 – The Washington Times-Washington Weekend
“McDermott Marks Memorial Day-“

5/22/01 – Daily Hampshire Gazette
“Veterans’ Cemetery Dedicated”

4/17/01 – The Boston Herald
The Inside Track; “Gavel Drops on Moakleyfest Tickets”

3/7/01 – The Salem Evening News
“Sounds of Ireland: Celebrated tenor John McDermott to perform at Salem High School for church fund-raiser”

3/1/01 – The Chicago Tribune
“For ex-Irish Tenor, Solo Journey Can Be Just As Satisfying Family losses Tested His Spirit, But Singer Upbeat for U.S. Tour”

2/25/01 – The Scranton Times-The Sunday Times
“Tenor To Receive Chaplains’ Humanitarian Award” 

2/02/01 – The Nashville Musician
“McDermott Tends to Charities, concerts” 

1/01/01 – Irish American News
“McDermott Comfortable on His Own”

12/16/00 – The Weekender
“Touching people one song at a time: Former Irish tenor John McDermott”

12/01/00 – Connecticut Post
“Celtic tenor sings at Fairfield Univ.”

11/30/00 – Union-News
“Irish tenors sings tonight in ‘Hamp”

11/02/00 – The Tennessean
“Celtic Memories”

10/27/00 – The Wilmington Morning Star
“John McDermott: storytelling through song”

10/14/00 – The Boston Globe 
“Shelter Director Deserves Better Treatment”

10/13/00 – The Boston Herald 

9/28/00 – The London Free Press 
“McDermott Sings from Heart”

9/18/00 – The Worcester Telegram & Gazette 
“Korea Veterans are Remembered in City’s Salute”

9/2000 – Shiverz Magazine 
“John McDermott Wows Gananoque Again”

8/19/00 – The Cape Cod Times 
“McDermott Show Taps Celtic Soul”

8/18/00 – The Worcester Telegram & Gazette 
“Korea Veterans are Remembered in City’s Salute”

7/13/00 – The Boston Globe 
Names & Faces

6/1/00 – The Sunday Republican 
“Tenor Highlights Veteran’s Concert”

3/17/00 – The New York Times 
“Irish Tenors: When Irish Eyes Are Crying, With So Much to Cry About”

3/10/00 – Wilkes Barre Times Leader 
“Famed Tenor McDermott Defies People’s Comparisons”

2/6/00 – The Irish Voice 
“The Irish Tenors Shuffle”

2/1/00 – The Washington Times 
“Irish Tenors Lineup Changes”

12/21/99 – The Washington Times 
“Saluting Warriors in Song and Deed”

12/16/99 – The Ottawa Citizen 
“Tenor Lives Life on a High Note”

11/14/99 – The Toronto Sun 
“Our Favourite Son Touches America’s Heart”

11/11/99 – Entertainment Wire 
“Recording Star John McDermott Joins Miss America 2000 to Pay Tribute to American Veterans During Whirlwind Veterans’ Day in Washington, DC”

10/28/99 – The Seattle Times 
“The Tenors: Crowd Loves Their Sounds”

10/27/99 – The Toronto Sun 
“An Event to Remember” 

10/15/99 – The Tribune 
“Life is a Voyage”

10/8/99 – The Calgary Sun 
“Celtic Wonder, The Sweet Sounds of John McDermott”

9/13/99 – Canadian Yankee 
“John McDermott” 

05/23/99 – The Boston Herald 
“McDermott Emerges to Make Irish Eyes Smile”